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About Us & Our Products / Services

About Us & Our Products

Broadcast Lines is an import and distribution company of broadcast spec quality audio/video cable and connectors and selected hardware.

Our objective is to provide a complete solution to meet all your cabling requirements for purposes of studio installations, outside broadcasts, ENG, staging, concerts and home theatre applications.

We import our goods from various international companies ensuring you the latest broadcast spec technology at international standards.

With the broadcast industry having reached the most fundamental development of all times with the launch of High definition broadcast, there has never been a more crucial time than now to pay attention to detail.

Even when you purchase top of the range equipment and everything is working perfectly, your transmission can still be compromised  if you use below standard cabling products!

Our products are sourced with only one goal in mind: using the best means possible for getting your signal from A to B without jeopardizing the quality which the equipment is capable of producing.

We have spent the last few years preparing ourselves for this very task. We have made it our responsibility to guarantee you the highest quality products, that are manufactured to do the job right!

So when you say you need a HD compliant cable that can run 200 meters around a stadium, that is exactly what you are going to get (equipment dependant).

Cable Assemblies

Broadcast Lines manufactures superior quality, high-performance cable assemblies for high-end studio-, stage- and broadcast applications. We specialize in unique, top quality products where high reliability is essential.

Our cable assemblies are available in a wide variety of cable and connector configurations to suit your application!

Cable Repairs

Cables that have been yanked, spliced, twisted or driven over tend to end up in a box under somebody’s desk.

Bring them to us, let’s see if we can patch them up again.