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Accessories HI-TFO



Split adapter XLR 3-pin <=> XLR 3-pin


Stereo balancing adapter

Laptop on balanced input? Fast and easy isolation of a channel? No problem!
Our happy little helpers offer fast solutions for many problems.

The HI-TFO-004 split adapter has 3-pin XLR-connectors on both sides for your cable connections. The signal is galvanically separated by an integrated 1:1 transmitter.

The HI-TFO-003 stereo balancing adapter has a 3-pin XLR-socket on the laptop side and a 5-pin XLR-plug on the opposite side. To connect your laptop, all you need is our cable with mini-jack stereo male <---> 3-pin XLR-connector. On the 5-pin XLR-output you can now use a second cable to separate your signal onto two balanced 3-pin XLR's in order to connect a professional mixing board.
The robust metal housing holds high quality SOMMER CABLE transmitters with large windings and metal XLR-mounting plugs/sockets made by HICON.

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