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Cardinal DVM Amplifiers

Series Cardinal DVM-A Amplifier

Linear, maintenance-friendly amplifiers for live sound with a performance of 2 x 340 W up to 2 x 950 W (4 Ohm). A solid high end concept that perfectly combines the advantages of analog amplifiers and the light weight of switching power supply systems.

Series Cardinal DVM-C Amplifier

2-channel amplifier with digital controller and RS32-interface incl. remote switching and mute function. Up to two more audio amplifiers of the DVM-A Series can be connected up to 4 XLR-male outputs.
CD with controller software is included.

Series Cardinal DVM-E Amplifier

Extremely dependable and maintenance-free amplifiers with a shallow installation depth (290 mm) for installation & ELA-technology 100 V.

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Download pdf

Download pdf

"There is a Brit in every German..."

at least when it comes to sound. While the CARDINAL is a German engineering product, it still sounds a little British, regardless of the required sound level: Spacey, fast, powerful, and extremely linear.

Each unit has been manually constructed at our plant in Rathenow near Berlin, and each assembly is tested serveral times before it can be installed. Before a CARDINAL Series is introduced on the market it is tested continuously for up to 14 months. This is one of the reasons why the audio amplifiers in the CARDINAL Series are considered to be extremely dependable and the purchase is rewarded with a 5 Year Warranty.

As far as the variety of models is considered, we are very conservative: All products have a consistently timeless and unobtrusive design that is favoured in the business and across the borders. All products are designed to be very service-friendly and can be technically upgraded for years to come. And you will not be attacked by a supposedly revolutionary novelty every 6 months".