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· Lightweight and comfortable design with soft foam earcups for extended listening comfort.

· Wide frequency response produces clear highs and full bass.

· 32 Ohm impedance.

· 100 mW power handling capability.

· 3.5 mm stereo plug.



The SR-404 Signature headset with the cable lowest in capacity (such as the top model OMEGA II), producing increased high sound rendition especially for the high impedances of the electrostats. Part of the set is the SRM-006t, a Class A amplifier with low-noise dual FETs on the input and two tubes on the output. Switching is fully balanced with a quadruple precision potentiometer, but without inverters or transformers

STAX SRS-007 / SRS-717

The SR-007 OMEGA II headset is the ultimate in precision and power. A deep bass and dynamic rendition with very high linearity. The robust metal casing prevents vibration. The new clip system ensures very comfortable wearing comfort.

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