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Hicon RCA Product Information

When purchasing a RCA-plug connector choose brandname quality only because bad connectors often have a high transmission resistance, thus voiding the advantages of a good audio cable.

This is what you should look for:
• Proper gold-plating or coating (cheap connectors are only painted!)
• A solid pin without interferences caused by rivets, embossing, etc.
• Low transmission resistance

HICON cinch connectors HI-CM09, HI-CM11, and HI-CM13 have a patented pressing clip, which ensures the highest possible contact. Unscrew the housing lightly, push the plug into the socket, and then turn it toward the back again.
The plug is secured so tightly that it can only be loosened after the plug housing has been unscrewed. Because of the good quality of the HICON RCA-Series the manufacturer grants you a 5 Year Warranty on these plug connectors!