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Hicon XLR Product Information


The plug connectors made by HICON are very popular in the audio and industrial sector. Customers love the simple design, the high quality, and the reasonable price.
It was only a matter of time until, upon popular demand, a decision was made to manufacture a higher quality XLR-connector.
XLR-connectors HI-XCM3 and HI-XCF3, designed in Germany, are very robust and of excellent workmanship, They have a dependable clamping strain relief with 6 clamping jaws and are very easy to solder. The strain relief with 6 jaws offers a number of advantages when compared to other systems:
The strain relief force is almost twice that of most common systems, preventing the
cable from damages! The force of the clamping jaws is evenly distributed across a large surface even on larger cable diameters, not as is often experienced with other
products where the soft PVC on the microphone cable is squeezed out to the side.
Due to the high quality of HICON XC-Series the manufacturer grants you a 5 Year Warranty on these plug connectors!

HICON XLR-plug connectors (Mark II) are now available in a new slim design, including some very smart technical details: A groove saves time during assembly and prevents the inlet from skewing.
An improved strain relief provides stability and increases the strain relief force by 15 %.
Suitable strain reliefs are optionally available for cables with small diameters (< 3.6 mm) and are especially advantageous for multicore splices.
Now XLR-cable and -mounting sockets have a new spring made of hardened material for a significant increase in plug cycles.
Three grooves on the side specially identify these new plug connectors.

The pins are silver-plated and can be soldered quickly and easily (don't worry about the spots that will appear over time, because silver oxide is even more conductive than pure silver!